House Checks

$15 for 15 minutes

Our House Checks are great for your peace of mind.
If you and your pets are away from home and you are expecting package deliveries, we can be there to bring them inside.

If your pets are with you but you would still like someone to check on the security of your home, we can help with that.

If you think:
Did I forget to close the garage door?
Did I forget to close and lock the patio door?
Is the toilet running?
Is the thermostat set correctly?
Is the refrigerator door closed?

Our House Check Services Are Perfect For…

Frequent Business Travelers

Business Travelers

If you are away for business travel and want your home to look lived in, we can open and close window coverings, turn off and on different lights and bring in any mail, packages or fliers from your property.

Vacation Travellers

Vacation Travelers

If you are traveling with your pets and want your home to be checked on, we can make sure the windows and doors are secure and that the alarm is correctly set.


Recent Property Damage or Renovations

If you have had recent household repairs, we can check to see that the repair is holding. Wondering if your renovation team is showing up in your absence, we can let you know what we see.

Benefits Of Our House Check Services

Peace of mind

Peace Of Mind

We will be your eyes and ears while you are away so that you can relax and focus on business or relaxation.

Visit Updates

Text Update

We will visit your home on a pre-determined schedule and follow up with a text message updating you on what we saw.

Avoid Larger Problems

Avoid Larger Problems

We can help correct small issues that could become larger if the home were left unattended, avoiding a larger and more expensive outcome.