Pet Care Services in South Orange County

Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Nellie Gail & Laguna Niguel.

The Pet Sitter OC - Dog Walking

Dog Walking

$27 | 30-45 minutes “Regular”
$37 | 45-60 minutes “Deluxe”

Each private Dog Walk includes a walk around your neighborhood or nearby parks with plenty of time for sniffing and pottying. Back home its fresh water time, and if meals or a snack are on the menu, we’ve got you covered. We always provide lots of love, affection, and playtime.

The “Deluxe” walk gives extra time for a longer walk, more playtime or cuddle time, it’s up to you. All services are completely customizable, and you will receive a text “pupdate” highlighting all the fun your pup had during his visit. Above pricing for up to 2 dogs.

The Pet Sitter OC - Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

$27 | 30-45 minutes “Regular”
$37 | 45-60 minutes “Deluxe”

Each Pet Sit visit includes a private walk for the dog(s) as well as fresh water and mealtime. Pet medications are included at no extra charge, excluding Sub-Q fluids* Cat visits include fresh food, water, playtime and/or grooming if they would like.

We clean up after your pets, either in the yard or the litterbox daily. We will also retrieve your mail and packages, put out and return your trash cans for trash day, pick up any fliers or “stuff” around your property, rotate lights or anything else to help your home look “lived in” while you are away.

You will always receive a “pupdate” or “the scoop” at the last visit of each day highlighting all your pet’s fun. Above pricing for up to 2 dogs or 3 cats.

The Pet Sitter OC - Vacation Visits

Vacation Visits

$27 | 30-45 minutes “Regular”
$37 | 45-60 minutes “Deluxe”

Each Vacation Visit includes a private walk for the dog(s) as well as fresh water and meals. Medications are included at no extra charge, excluding Sub-Q fluids* Cats are pampered and spoiled with lots of playtime, if they would like to, or grooming, if they prefer. Yard and/or litterboxes scooped daily. Mail and packages retrieved. Trash cans set out and returned for trash day.

We will remove fliers and other debris from your property daily. We can rotate lights on and off, blinds open or closed, TV or music off and on to help make your home look occupied. Security is a top priority for your home and pets.

The last visit of each day you will receive a text “pupdate” or “the scoop” highlighting all our fun adventures together so you may rest assured your pets are in great hands and your home is well taken care of.

The Pet Sitter OC - House Checks

House Checks

$15 | for 15 minutes

A great service when you and your pets are away from home, but you would like someone to look in and around your property to make sure everything is secure, and as you left it. Can also set out trash cans and return them, as well as retrieve mail and packages delivered in your absence. Great peace of mind for travelers.

All above pricing for dog walking, pet sitting, and vacation visits refers to up to 2 dogs or 3 cats per household. Additional pets, please inquire for a quote.
*Subcutaneous fluid administration $5 per treatment

Just a quick note letting you know how appreciative I am for the years of love and care you’ve provided for my pups (sure they’re adults now, but always puppies to me).

Being able to see you in action with them before we engaged for walking services was impressive.  I appreciated your desire and request to meet us for a  two way interview to ensure you wanted us a client as equally as you encouraged questions from me to be certain I wanted to retain your services.  You shared your qualifications and history all while having the doggies pounce all over you as we sat in the backyard getting to know each other.  I sensed then and quickly “got” that you’re about the care and need of the pups, not just a “yes” to my request for service just to earn a buck.

You commit to a pre-arranged time of arrival to get the pups and you arrive at that time, thank you.  You said you would provide an update on what took place during your walks whenever I need your service.  It has been invaluable.  I love receiving the text you pledge to, the update on what adventures may have taken place and the photo showing tuckered-out, contented dogs.  My expectation that you treat my dogs, like I do as family, has always been met.  In the mornings when I let them know they will see you, their heads turn sideways and the tails start wagging with excitement.  I know they look forward to their walk with you,

I have had services in the past that were no-shows or arrived just to get the puppies to take them out to relieve themselves, were put back in the house, and they had the audacity to expect to be paid.  I gladly and easily fired them after two bad experiences.  You and your business are the polar opposite of those bad services,  I truly know that I can rely on your word because your actions consistently prove that,

I certainly can’t sing your praises enough, but to say thank you, thank you, thank you!

With Much Gratitude,

Tuggie and Trudy’s Mom