Daily Dog Walks

$30 /30-45 minutes “Regular”

$40 /45-60 minutes “Deluxe”

Our daily dog walks are just what your dog needs in their day.
If you work out of the area and cannot get home for a walk and potty break with your dog, we are there for you. We provide a private one-on-one walk and visit. All our focus will be on your pet so you can rest assured he will be exercised, loved on, and spoiled during our visits.

If you have a work schedule that keeps you away from home for long hours, our visit in the middle of the day will brighten your fur baby’s day. We will get them outside for a nice walk, or, if you prefer, lots of playtime in the yard to ensure plenty of exercise, time to potty and then back home safely.

If you have a new puppy that needs to get out frequently for their necessary potty breaks, you want to keep them on a schedule. We can be there to help you with that. We want your new furry partner to have all the time they need to play and potty. Keeping them on a schedule is especially important to potty training and starting them out of the right path in life. We are here to help.

Our Dog Walking Services are perfect for…

Long Commuters

Long Commuters

If you cannot get home to take Fido out for his much-needed daily walk and potty break, we are here for you. We will keep your dog on his schedule, so you do not need to worry that he is feeling neglected back home.

Shift Worker

Shift Workers

If your work schedule has you needing your dog walked in the evening instead of mid-day, just let us know. We are here to help make life easier for you and your pets.

New Parents

New Parents

If your hands are full will added responsibilities that parenthood brings, but Fido is used to being walked in the morning, or evening or whenever, we can lighten your load by pampering and exercising your fur baby for you. We can be there for you and your dog(s) and help keep the family running smoothly.

Extra Time

Need Extra Time

If you need extra time in your day, we are here for you. We can take the dog out several times per day and serve their meals also. That gives you one less thing to worry about and when you do get home, you can have quality time with your pet knowing their needs have been met during the day.

Benefits of Our Dog Walking Services

Keep Your Pet Happy

Keep Your Pet Happy

Dogs need and thrive on daily walks for both their physical and mental stimulation. You will arrive home to a dog who is calm and happy to see you. Whether you have a young dog who needs more vigorous exercise or a senior dog that just wants to sniff around, we will provide that service to you. Just let us know what you prefer.

Nature Walks

Nature Walks

We get your dog(s) out in nature to see and smell all that surrounds us. Exploring nearby parks, nature trails, or the neighborhood helps relieve doggie boredom and regular walks help maintain a healthy weight. Plus, they love all those new smells they will encounter.

Leash Walks For Safety

Leash Walks For Safety

All our walks are conducted on leash. This is for the safety of your pets, the community, wildlife, other people and dogs we may encounter. Safety is a top priority for us and all the pets in our care.

Visit Updates

Post Walk Updates “Pupdates”

We will always provide you with “pupdates”, which are text messages and pictures and/or video of the highlights from our visits. This will include all the fun things that happened during our visit along with any concerns or items of attention we may notice.

All above pricing for dog walking visits refers to up to 2 dogs. Additional dogs, please inquire for a quote.

Kathleen/The Pet Sitter is an absolute blessing! We chose her after observing her with several of our neighbor’s pets. It was apparent how much she truly loves her job. She is thorough and takes the time to get to know your pet and their needs and follows up every walk by sending a text and/or photos. My dog loves her! She is prompt, reliable and flexible. We trust Kathleen and would HIGHLY recommend The Pet Sitter.

Paul and Christine G.